Absolutely beautiful. Visually stunning. World class dancing. Elegant and expansive. Dazzling.

These are just a few of the adjectives critics nationwide have used to describe the Great Russian Nutcracker experience. The 2010 tour has spanned North America, wowing not just critics but audiences of all ages… and it continues to. The performance has garnered glowing reviews for its dancing as well as costumes, props and the inclusion of local youth dancers.

From New York to Iowa, Texas to North Dakota, this is what critics are saying (or rather, raving)….

“Christmas without The Nutcracker? Unimaginable. Christmas with the Moscow Ballet? Sublime.” -Bruce R. Miller, Sioux City Journal (Dec. 2010)
Mr. Miller goes on to say, “this edition of The Nutcracker seemed fresh and bright,” as the Great Russian Nutcracker performance “popped to life with graceful ballerinas and a corps of strong, handsome men.”

“It was a perfect event to start out a season of joy and goodwill, fantasy and legend, faith and beauty.” -Betsy Gabler, Twin Cities Daily Planet (Dec. 2010)
She adds that “Being in the audience felt luxurious…it was a respite from gift budgets and creative leftover planning.” ”Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker lives up to its name.”

Visually, [the Great Russian Nutcracker] production is stunning.” -Cheryl Callon, TheatreJones.com, Dallas (Nov. 2010) She also lauds, ”The intricate, colorful costumes are enough to inspire awe… this [Great Russian Nutcracker] is a visual feast.”

“Expansive… transcendent music… the Russian style is elegantly generous, and so the experience is never meager.” -Alastair Macaulay, Chief Dance Critic, New York Times (Nov. 2010) He also says, ”The Russian ballet style is elegant, expansive.”

“The Land of Peace and Harmony was…one of the prettiest places! The kids…gasped in unison as animals came to life and exotic dancing couples gave gleeful…performances.” -Betsy Gabler, Twin Cities Daily Planet (Dec. 2010)

Moscow Ballet’s dancers are also getting rave reviews…

According to Betsy Gabler of the Twin Cities Daily Planet, “When performed by masters like these [Moscow Ballet] ballet seems effortless, elegant and easy.”

“Alexandra Elagina and Anatolie Ustimov [the lead dancers on the east coast tour]…partnered beautifully and executed their solos with aristocratic finesse.” -Don Rosenberg, Cleveland Plain Dealer (Dec. 2010)

“Dancers glided and tip-toed across the stage with strength and grace.” -J. Shane Mercer, Inforum–Fargo (Nov. 2010)

“Masha (Alexandra Elagina) finds world enough and time to raise one leg slowly behind her until it’s the height of her shoulder. This slow ascent of one leg, while the music swells, seems brimful with feeling.” -Alastair Macaulay

“[Moscow Ballet’s] Arabian pair…were particularly astounding.” -Charles Downey, iionarts.com DC (Dec. 2010) He goes on to say, “Masha and the Prince a handsome pair of principal dancers.”

According to Betsy Gabler of the Twin Cities Daily Planet, “The leaps were high, and often suspended in time (or so it seemed).”

“Drosselmeyer is especially engaging and …the Mouse King… is impressive.” -Cheryl Callon

Children love our Great Russian Nutcracker, too…

“I think they’re amazing, how they do the jumps like that,” 12-year-old Mayim Stith.” -J. Shane Mercer, Inforum–Fargo (Nov. 2010)

Student performer Rachel Wells of Fargo, ND is also quoted: “They’re world class.” And when asked what the experience was like… “There really aren’t words.”

“Kids…were wide-eyed with delight.” -Alastair Macaulay, Chief Dance Critic, New York Times (Nov. 2010)

See for yourself what all the buzz is about! You won’t be disappointed. *Click here for a list of upcoming performances on the 2010 Great Russian Nutcracker performance tour, and to buy tickets.