Moscow Ballet Dancer and Instructor Nataliya Miroshynk to Tour US in Talent Search

Dance Students backstage before a Great Russian Nutcracker Performance

Dance auditions can be a nerve-wracking experience. But they can also be fun and rewarding, as is the case with dance auditions for Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker. Educational, too! Dance auditions for the Nutcracker Ballet, a beloved holiday tradition, carry with them the opportunity to get one-on-one instruction from a classically trained, Russian Ballet dancer.

Nataliya Miroshnyk

Moscow Ballet’s Nataliya Miroshnyk, who charms audiences each year with her dancing of the athletic Chinese variation in Act II of The Great Russian Nutcracker, will tour the US in search of young talent. It’s time to put all of those class hours spent in toe shoes and practicing lifts to work! Dance auditions for the Nutcracker Ballet are held at studios across the country. To find an audition near you, click here.

Ballerinas in toe shoes as well as young men who aspire to be ballet masters are encouraged to attend the dance auditions. Being cast means being backstage at the ballet—and then performing with Moscow Ballet’s greatest dancers in The Great Russian Nutcracker ! Dancing with Nataliya in the Chinese Variation is something every young ballet dancer will remember for a lifetime.

Little Snow Princesses ready to go on stage

Nataliya, a graduate of the Kiev Academic Choreographic School in Ukraine where she trained under AG Kalchenko, has spent plenty of time in her toe shoes. And she knows well the excitement dancing the Variations of cultures can  bring. Her solo performances include (of course!) The Great Russian Nutcracker as well as La Bayadere and Don Quixote.

As dance auditions for Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker and Swan Lake take place across the US, Nataliya will look for ballet dancers with dedication to the craft. The young ballerinas in toe shoes and men with strong, graceful moves that Nataliya and her fellow dancers select will be part of a professional performance experience. Moscow Ballet is known as the largest and longest running tour of the The Great Russian Nutcracker, a family holiday tradition around the world. What a great way to be introduced to performing live!

Student dancers in Moscow Ballet’s Swan Lake

Moscow Ballet audition information for The Great Russian Nutcracker and Swan Lake can be found here. For a list of participating dance studios by state click here.

Tickets are now on sale for Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker and Swan Lake in most cities and start at $27.50. Buy