Svetlana Todinova as the 'Dove of Peace'

Svetlana Todinova dances the Dove of Peace, among other roles, in Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker in her beautifully graceful and light style. Click here to see Svetlana dance. She is also a familiar Moscow Ballet dance instructor auditioning and rehearsing young dance students as they prepare for their roles in the charming holiday performances. Svetlana arrives in the United States in late August with the three other Russian dance instructors and with her young daughter Polina too! She is very excited to be returning to some of her favorite cities in North America and to seeing new cities and making new friends at each dance studio.

Svetlana is trained in the world-renowned, classic Russian ballet style and shows her long lines, amazing strength and graceful jumps and turns every time she is on stage. She is happy to be a role model for American youth.  Svetlana completed formal training in 1997 at the Ufa Choreography School, where the very famous Rudolf Nureyev was also a student. While dancing with the State Opera Ballet of Krasnodar, Svetlana trained with Yuri Gregorovich, who is world-renowned for his dynamic productions at the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre. Maybe she will share some trade secrets that she learned from Mr. Gregorovich with her students in rehearsal!

Svetlana perfecting her technique in the studio

Touring with Moscow Ballet is not the first time Svetlana has traveled as a ballerina. Earlier in her career she toured with the Russian Academy of Ballet Art performing around the world including Holland, China, Spain, Italy, England, and the USA. Her repertory includes Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty, Paganini, La Bayadere, Carmen, Swan Lake, and The Nutcracker. Now that is a lot of choreography to remember! She has danced as a soloist with Moscow Ballet since 2006. Click here to see Svetlana in Moscow Ballet’s production of Sleeping Beauty as Little Red Riding Hood!

Svetlana will host auditions and rehearse with the selected dancers in the following cities: Bethesda, Virginia Beach, Durham, Dallas, Rochester NY, Wilkes-Barre, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Detroit, Ashland sold, Charleston WV, and N Charleston SC. Click here to find an audition in your city!