Peace Day, Funny Puppets and Local Auditions

International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is a United Nations-sanctioned holiday observed annually on September 21. It is dedicated to world peace and was first celebrated in 1981. It is kept by many nations, political groups, military groups, and people around the world.

Blog Dove

Moscow Ballet’s exclusive Dove of Peace

For the Moscow Ballet, peace is symbolized by the Dove of Peace dance in the Great Russian Nutcracker. It is also the central theme of and exclusive to the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker, a Christmas spectacular that bridges the gap between cultures so that all may coexist in a Land of Peace and Harmony.

Puppets from Around the World!

Designed in Russia exclusively for the Moscow Ballet, the 12-foot-tall puppets are depicted in the Land of Peace and Harmony and represent the world’s great cultural heritages. In the ballet, Spanish, Chinese, Arabian, Russian and French couples demonstrate the great dances and spirit of their heritages and are accompanied by the puppets that are symbolic of unique attributes. The Hispanic bull represents the gift of daring; the African elephant brings the gift of wisdom; the Asian dragon brings the gift of playfulness, the Slavic bear bestows strength; and the European unicorn imparts imagination.

Dance with Us Auditions


Little Snowflakes dance alongside the professional ballerinas in Waltz of the Snow Forest     

Moscow Ballet’s unique “Dance with Us” program brings the rare opportunity to ballet students of auditioning, rehearsing, and performing with the professional, international touring ballet company in the Great Russian Nutcracker and other classic Russian story ballets to generations of American ballet students. Auditions, which began in August, are now under way through the end of October. Find an audition city near you and sign up at